Nk - Lazy Monday @ Drums.ro Radio (30.06.2014)

Tag: deep dnb, dnb, drumandbass, lazy monday, liquid dnb, liquid funk, live mix, nk, soulful dnb


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01.Lenzman - Lazy Dub
02.Flame - Life Lessons
03.Halogenix - Too Good (ft. Zoe Klinck)
04.Grifta - Adrift (Original)
05.Mav - Between Heaven and the Deep Blue Sea (Mindmapper and Fre4knc Remix)
06.Brother - Celeste
07.Friction - Scatter (ft. Total Science)
08.LSB - All Of My Love
09.Lenzman - Burner
10.Nelver - Touching Soul
11.Kalm and Dan Bowskill - Living in the Red (Villem and Mcleod Remix)
12.Jay Rome - Tasty
13.Marcus Ezra - The Dragon
14.Greg Packer & Danny Rhodes - Natural Ride (ft. MC Shureshock)
15.Reds - Meraki
16.T & Sugah & Ayve - Green Valleys
17.Brother - Feedback
18.Madface - In Love
19.Decon - Changing Times
20.Chris.SU - Illusion of Choice (Ft. MC Fedora and Stamina MC)
21.Tokalosh - Shakedown
22.FD - Ice 690
23.dRamatic - Creation
24.Onebyone - Skyway (Sapphire Remix)
25.Malaky - Connected
26.LSB - Rolling Sideways
27.Funkware - Priceless
28.Seba - Addicted
29.Blade and MJT - Versatile Sound
30.Paul T & Edward Oberon - Rain
31.Jakwob - Somebody New (ft. Tiffani Juno) (Jakwob VIP)
32.Fred V & Grafix - Forest Fires (Etherwood Remix)
33.Pryzma - Pale Blue Dot
34.Flame and Tiiu - Before the Rain
35.Blade - You Belong in My Arms


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